Our specialty is commercial landscaping and snow removal. Our customers are our number one concern and we are dedicated to offering the highest quality services at competitive prices.

Quality workmanship is a way of life at Lassiter and Son.


From weekly mowing to new installation, we can handle any job.


Commercial and Industrial Snowplowing and Salting.


Lassiter and Son offers many different types of commercial maintenance and landscaping services. From weekly mowing to new installation, we can handle any job. We pride ourselves on making our properties look beautiful throughout the entire year. Landscaping is usually the first thing that anyone can see whether it is a customer at your business or a visitor at your home. A well cared for landscape ensures that people will feel comfortable and confident when visiting your location. With our weekly maintenance program you can be sure that your property will be in pristine condition at all times.

Maintenance Programs

Our standard maintenance program starts April 1st and goes through the end of November. Services include spring clean-up, weekly mowing, pruning of bushes and shrubs, mulching, bed/weed maintenance and fall clean-up. Custom packages are available to meet the specific needs of your landscape. We also offer fertilization programs.

Weekly Mowing & Maintenance

On a weekly basis, our crew will perform the following services leaving your property immaculate each and every week. We mow all turf areas, catching and removing all clippings, and alternate mowing patterns weekly, minimizing wear on the lawn. We also include edging all sidewalk, drive and curb edges, weed all mulch beds, and blow off all walkways, drives and patios to keep your property looking beautiful.

Spring Clean-up

Spring clean-up prepares your property to be maintained. Services include picking up and removing all winter debris and any leftover leaves, and blowing off the parking lot and curb edges. We apply pre-emergent herbicides in all beds to help prevent weeds and fertilize all perennials and shrubs. We also prune all ornamental bushes and shrubs and analyze all plant material so we can notify you of unhealthy or dead plants.

Bed Maintenance & Weed Control

Nothing makes a property look worse than weeds throughout the mulch beds and pavement cracks. On a weekly basis, Lassiter and Son hand weeds and applies our commercial grade herbicide leaving the property weed-free.


Mulching is one of the most dramatic improvements you can make on any landscape. Not only does it create a great, fresh look, it is vital to adding nutrients to plant material while retaining moisture for your plants as well. Starting with a nice crisp bed edge will help keep all the beds well defined. With a variety of color options, we will be sure to install just the right material to make your property look amazing!

Trimming & Pruning

Pruning of bushes and shrubs is very important to maintaining a neat and uniform appearance to your landscape. We prune all bushes and shrubs on an as-needed basis throughout the year as often as needed to keep your landscape in perfect condition at all times.

Fall Clean-up

Fall clean-up is done on a weekly basis throughout the fall season. Each week, all beds are blown out and all leaves are removed. We also cut down any ornamental grasses and perennials to prepare your property for the winter season. Our leaf vac system will be sure to impress you as it allows us to remove the leaves from your property quickly and efficiently leaving nothing behind except a great looking property. We also offer curb side leaf pick up for those who enjoy yard work but do not want to deal with bagging all the leaves. Call us, we would love to help you!


Lassiter and Son offers many different fertilizer programs. We will put together a custom program that is made specifically for the needs of your yard. A good fertilizer program is vital to having a nice lawn. Whether you’re having lawn problems or just want to ensure you have a thick, green lawn, we can build the right package for you.

Installation & Design

From landscape renovation to a brand new home needing complete landscape installation, Lassiter and Son can help assist you in making your property beautiful. We will be happy to design a custom landscape for your property that is sure to catch the attention of anyone who drives by.

Drainage & Grading

Standing water or soft spots in your yard are sure signs of drainage issues. Keeping water away from the foundation of your home or building is very important. Specializing in drainage work, we will be sure to come up with a solution to your drainage problems.


Hydroseeding is the most effective way to install your new lawn. Allowing us to custom mix seed combinations based on the conditions, along with fertilizer and other additives, will provide fast seed germination giving you a lawn much faster than the conventional seed and straw method. Hydroseeding physically plants the seed into the topsoil through water pressure. This minimizes washout and is also a great way to control erosion. This one step process is proven to produce the most beautiful thick lawns. Let us help with your next seeding project.

Tree Service

We offer all aspects of tree care including tree removal, pruning, stump grinding and emergency storm damage. We can remove any tree safely and efficiently while minimizing damage to your yard all at a reasonable price. We specialize in storm damage and our team of tree experts can remove any fallen or broken trees from your home, and then our Residential Division can make any necessary repairs to your roof, gutters, siding, etc. If your home is damaged during a storm, make it easy on yourself and let us handle everything!


Lassiter and Son specializes in commercial and industrial snowplowing and salting. We also offer services for condominium complexes as well. We pride ourselves as being the most reliable snow service in our area. Snow and ice is no match for our equipment. State of the art equipment is the key to our success. Our fleet of machines, trucks and plows help us to be as efficient as possible, and in turn, gets the job done as quickly as possible which keeps you safe and saves you money. Since 1949, we have been told by our customers that we are “the best snow removal service in the business.”

Specialized Services

Condominium complexes often face many challenges when it comes to snow removal, and if you have ever lived in a condo, you know exactly what we mean. The parking areas are usually very tight spaces, and in most cases there are very few areas to pile snow. At Lassiter and Son, we welcome the challenge. For condos, we remove snow with track-type skid loaders that allows us to clean out the tight areas and pile snow almost anywhere it can go. Where space is an issue, it is important to pile snow as far off the drive as possible and as tall as we can stack it. Our customers cannot believe how efficient this system works, and they say they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Snow Removal & Hauling

Whether it’s hauling snow off the property, or just stacking the snow to allow for more room, we can handle any job. For facilities that have limited space, snow removal is a necessary service. With our dump trucks and loaders, we will be sure to make short work of moving any snow piles or heavy drifting.

Commercial & Industrial

No matter what the size of your facility, you can be sure that Lassiter and Son has the right tools for the job. Efficiently clearing your parking lot allows us to keep you and your customers safe so that business goes on like normal no matter how much snow has fallen. You can trust that the well-being of your business is always in mind with us. Reliability and efficiency makes for a satisfied customer and we are sure your customers will appreciate it too!

Salting & Ice Control

Salting is the best way to ensure the safety of the people on your property. Whether it be parking areas, roadways, loading ramps or sidewalks, it is important to keep these areas maintained for safe conditions. Our fleet is equipped with a variety of different spreaders to accommodate any size area. We also warehouse bulk salt allowing us to have access to salt 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Packages & Pricing

Lassiter and Son offers many different packages for snow and ice control. When considering us to be your contractor, we would like to take the time to meet with you and discuss your concerns and what it is that makes your facility operate smoothly such as shift changes, problem areas, delivery times, and hours of operation. Taking the time to meet with you helps us to provide the absolute best service possible. We offer our services to be contracted per push, per application, or by the season. Our seasonal customers can count on having their lot cleared no matter how much it snows for one set amount. We also offer custom packages including salting and snow removal. Let’s talk and see what benefits you the most.